July 16, 2018 Edition
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How Security Automation Helps You Work Smarter and Improve Accuracy
How Security Automation Helps You Work Smarter and Improve Accuracy
Many of us, across many different industries, have to make decisions amidst a multitude of different input and alerts. Wherever possible, automating certain responsibilities can aid tremendously in reducing the manual workload, helping us cut down on human error and make better decisions.
The GDPR and your data protection obligations
One new requirement: in the case of a data breach, the DPO must formally report within 72 hours of discovery, or have a very good explanation why not.
SmartMetric manufacturing new biometric credit card
SmartMetric revealed that it is now manufacturing a new biometric credit card that has been designed to protect online transactions by building on the company’s advanced, “inside-the-card” miniature fingerprint scanner.
Evolving the Way Businesses Work in a Post-GDPR World
The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has come – and gone?  Not really.  Despite the deadline passing without the sky falling, GDPR is something that can’t fall off your radar. 
IoT And Malware The Biggest Worries Of Industrial Organisations
A report by Kaspersky Lab has found that the rise of IoT within industrial organisations is putting the likes of power plants, manufacturers and water treatment centres at risk of suffering a cyber attack.
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