July 5, 2018 Edition
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Do You Need Coding Resources on Your Security Team?
Do You Need Coding Resources on Your Security Team?
If internal resources at your company are tight, and there isn’t budget to hire an outside consultant or “unicorn,” what can you do? You can begin leveraging a security orchestration and automation solution to handle many, if not all, of your routine tasks for you. 
Is It Time for a Cyber Hygiene Check Up?
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently released version 1.1 of its CyberSecurity Framework, which incorporates feedback received from public comments and workshops over the past two years. 
Microsoft retrains facial recognition AI to better recognize gender across skin tones

Microsoft has improved the capability of its facial recognition technology to recognize the gender of people with darker skin tones, reducing error rates by up to 20 times, according to an announcement in a blog post.

5 Ways Biometric Authentication Is Revolutionizing Financial Institutions
Biometrics has let banks revolutionize their customer relationships. From using Face ID to unlock mobile apps or fingerprints for authorizing in-store payments, biometrics are now taken for granted in our financial lives. 
Warehouse automation: Competitive advantage for food manufacturers
For food and beverage companies, one area where these innovations can be particularly transformative is warehouse management. Warehouse automation offers the chance to boost efficiency, reduce costs, and respond to changes in the way food is made today.
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