June 19, 2018 Edition
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3 Things You Must Do to Improve Security Posture
3 Things You Must Do to Improve Security Posture

You must have heard it all by now. Protect your perimeter. Secure your endpoints. Monitor email for phishing and spam. Secure web traffic. While all of this is sound advice that organizations should take to heart, these approaches alone are not sufficient to have a robust security posture.

How DevOps Can Use Quality Gates for Security Checks
Traditionally, quality gates have been used to check the quality of the code itself, but did you know they can also be used to check for security issues within the code?
Airport biometrics at a potential turning point
The continued growth in passenger numbers is making it increasingly necessary for the aviation industry to find ways to improve security features.
A Leap Forward for Contact Centers: Multi-factor Authentication
Why are company contact centers at the core of the customer experience? The answer is simple: Companies that fail to meet rising customer demands for accuracy, quality of information, ease of use and self-sufficiency risk losing their competitive advantage.
Secure Storage for Biometric Data: Essential for Privacy
How much secure storage does your data need? The knee-jerk response (and the one your CISO would love the most) is, "All of it." Maybe in a perfect world, where money is no object, that's true, but here in the real world cost must be balanced out by several other factors.
Onboarding Best Practice
When it comes to choosing a managed services provider, it's often very difficult to know if the proposed solution is really going to meet your needs and make life better. That's a chance we all take when we work with a new service provider.
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