June 5, 2018 Edition
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Digital Transformation with Business-First, Multi-factor Authentication
Digital Transformation with Business-First, Multi-factor Authentication
There's a digital revolution in the workplace as enterprises leverage mobile devices, cloud apps, IoT and other emerging technologies to achieve gains in efficiency, productivity and competitive advantage. But with the opportunities of digital transformation come concerns and dilemmas. 
Researchers unveil new AI gait recognition system
A team of researchers has developed an artificial intelligence system for biometric gait recognition which can verify an individual's identity.
Mobile devices in the field
Field workers. You see them every day. And you notice that they, too, use mobile devices, as now more than ever do they need to stay connected with their organizations to stay in business. This is where mobile performance management, a critical factor for any field worker to perform and finish tasks on time, comes in.
Six Core Principles for Establishing DevOps Security at Scale
The DevOps teams at organizations worldwide have adopted methodologies to deliver applications quickly and cost-effectively, but that comes the need for greater awareness of associated risks. 
I Still WannaCry One Year Later
In May 2017 the biggest ransomware attack in history broke out. Known as "WannaCry," the now infamous ransomware spread like wildfire, affecting PCs around the world. One year on, the same malware - which exploits the EternalBlue vulnerability - is still prevalent.
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