April 23, 2018 Edition
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What Data Protection Officers Need to Know for GDPR
What Data Protection Officers Need to Know for GDPR
Data Protection Officers (DPOs) are required to oversee an IT security strategy compliant with a myriad of GDPR requirements across the E.U. As we count down to May 25, what should be the top priorities of newly named DPOs? 
Biometrics in the Manufacturing Industry
IT managers for manufacturing companies are relying more and more on biometrics to keep their company's online platforms secure. Learn more!
Secret Service Warns of Chip Card Scheme
The U.S. Secret Service is warning financial institutions about a new scam involving the temporary theft of chip-based debit cards issued to large corporations. In this scheme, the fraudsters intercept new debit cards in the mail and replace the chips on the cards with chips from old cards.
Securing Personal Information in Web Applications for GDPR
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is just around the corner: it comes into effect on May 25, 2018. If you need a refresher, look here.
'Out with the Old' When it Comes to Identity Verification
It is time to explore the rise of biometric authentication systems replacing decades-old identity verification processes.
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