April 12, 2018 Edition
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When Breaches Hit Home
When Breaches Hit Home
Being curious and wanting to understand everything in the world is a good trait for children and young adults, but when it comes to cyber attacks targeting your business, you might find yourself channeling this behavior asking "why" far too many times.
6 Database Health Checks To Ensure Peace of Mind
On a day-to-day basis, your database infrastructure may seem like it's functional. But if you want to protect your data, you need a comprehensive understanding of your database environment. 
Rise of the Smart Factory: Implications for Distribution and Logistics
The traditional way that manufacturers manage production is being replaced by interconnected systems.
Has BIPA Succeeded or Failed to Fulfill its Objectives?
The Origins of BIPA In 2008 a biometric payments company, Pay By Touch, spectacularly failed and ceased operations. This created widespread concern in Illinois, home of the defunct company, because it left the status of biometric data belonging to almost three million customers in question. 
3 Ways to Accelerate App Security to Keep Pace with Development

It used to be that web application security testing was the job of just the security team. Today, it is becoming a much more integrative function, especially for organizations who have adopted DevOps.

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