March 27, 2018 Edition
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Workstation Authentication - Are You Doing Enough?
Workstation Authentication - Are You Doing Enough?
We are now in a time where we can deploy a fully configured workstation in the span of minutes or push out an application install to hundreds of devices in mere seconds. As technology continues to get better and better, it unquestionably decreases our time to achieve business value.
Behavioral Biometrics: Hype or Hope?
More than 9 billion credentials have been stolen since 2013 and according to the Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report, 81% of confirmed data breaches involved weak or stolen passwords. With biometrics delivering on the promise of a more convenient and secure logon experience, what does the next evolution in behavioral biometrics hold?
DevOps Security Watch: Three Trends To Track In 2018
In the face of incessant competition, countless organisations are turning to DevOps to improve efficiency and accelerate innovation. While this approach delivers proven benefits, DevOps is also creating new security risks and reviving old ones.
Biggest Threat to Enterprise CyberSecurity - Third-Party Remote
In the era of Bring Your Own Device and distributed virtual teams, remote access to sensitive network resources is quickly emerging as the biggest internal cybersecurity threat. As more of the workplace moves online and team members require flexibility from around the world, remote access has become a major headache.
[Infographic] Cybersecurity Foundations
When it comes to Cybersecurity you can never know too much! Check out our Cybersecurity Foundations infographic below for fast facts (or a quick refresher!) on commonly used terminology, threat types, and statisitcs.
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