March 14, 2018 Edition
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10 Cybersecurity Myths That Every Organization Should Know
10 Cybersecurity Myths That Every Organization Should Know
For businesses around the world - but particularly those based in the United States - the threat environment in IT has never been more complex. Unfortunately, many businesses build their IT security practices on received wisdom: Assumptions that simply don't hold up in practice.
Today's Threat Landscape Demands User Behavior Analytics
Attackers continue to hide in plain sight by impersonating company users, forcing security teams to overcome two challenges.
Next Possible DDoS Attack That Could Cause A Major Internet Blackout
A report out from Harvard University reveals that there could be a large-scale Internet outage similar to the Dyn outage in 2016. The report points to the centralization of DNS which could translate into failures during attacks.
Are Passwords Your Biggest Obstacle to Passing an NCUA Audit?
Data theft is on the minds of credit union regulators About 100 million Americans belong to credit unions (CUs), putting their trust in these organizations to protect their sensitive personal data. With CU assets on the rise, the risks associated with network infiltration by malicious actors is a huge concern.
Do's and don'ts for achieving customer experience transformation
If your customers aren't happy, no one is. Increasingly, studies are finding that superior customer experience (CX) is central to the success of sales and marketing programs. It’s no surprise, then, that customer service is a top priority, with leading companies taking a more global approach to CX.
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